My Three A’s in my AA

With the help of a sponsor and a relationship with a Higher Power I have done all 12

Steps laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Some days I didn’t want to do
any let alone some of them but I knew from what I have seen in my life and efforts
before that I had to. If i wanted results I then had to put in the work. I have seen what
happens to those who don’t stick around these rooms of recovery. Who don’t do the
work. I have been to far too many funerals. I’ve realized it’s so much more than just
attending meetings. Today I work a program that breaks down to Trust in God, Clean
House and Help Others. It wasn’t always the case. Before my sponsor agreed to work
with me he asked me three questions, “Do you want to stop drinking?” “Are you willing
to go to any lengths to stay sober?” and “Will you help others when called upon?”. I
answered yes to all three. We may not want to do some things but being willing is
good enough. At first. Continue reading